B Three G Consulting Group offers a variety of services that will assist communities, housing developers,
and non-profit organizations that will enhance their existing programs to better serve their customers.
Services provided are primarily focused on affordable housing and community development activities,
but can be customized to meet the needs of the customer.
A broad range of services include:

    Grant writing
    Grant review
    Technical assistance
    Environmental review
    CDBG grant administration

Grant writing-services include a primary focus on Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), HOME
Investment Partnerships (HOME), the Nebraska Affordable Housing Trust Fund (NAHTF), and the
National Housing Trust Fund (HTF). Additional grant writing needs can be met for customers through
customized services for individuals clients.

Grant review – working with individual clients to ensure they have written the strongest grant
applications for funding opportunities.

Technical assistance – providing a broad range of expertise in order to work with clients to meet their
specific needs. B Three G Consulting Group will work with individual clients to assess the package of
services needed and then structure a program and strategy that will serve the client and their

Environmental review – includes conducting a NEPA environmental review in order for projects to be in
compliance with HUD regulations per Part 58. Reviews include researching the necessary project
information; completing the needed State/City specific forms; and preparing the review in order to have
it finalized by the Responsible Entity. Primary areas of focus include, but are not limited to: CDBG,
HOME, HTF, and Low Income Housing Tax Credit projects that require environmental records. Common
customers for these services include: housing developers; communities; non-profits; housing
authorities; and homeless service providers.

CDBG grant administration – through a State-trained CDBG Certified Administrator, and familiarity with
many of the requirements for successfully administering CDBG projects, staff can assist clients in
successfully administering CDBG projects based on State or Entitlement-specific requirements. Services
include, but are not limited to: preparing special conditions for a contract, reporting, general grant
administration, and project closeout.

Advocacy – working with clients and partners through education and outreach to ensure that customers
are up to date on the opportunities related to housing and community development. Will work with
individual clients to structure a program that meets their needs and provides them with the needed
resources for project implementation. Services include providing outreach to customers and the public
on topics that are important for continuing and improving programs that provide strong public private
partnerships in order to make local resources go further.

Training – a broad range of training opportunities for clients and customers. Areas include: environmental
review, CDBG grant administration, and others. Training can be offered in larger group settings or
specialized specifically for a client, depending on training needs.