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Tax Credit Awards & Environmental Reviews – As communities and organizations are awarded tax credit projects for low income housing, there are instances when environmental reviews need to be completed for projects that also have HOME or CDBG funds as part of the financing for a project. National Environmental Policy Act compliance is required for each of these HUD-funded projects. Housing developers that need environmental reviews completed for their projects should contact B Three G Consulting Group to have the necessary State or community specific reviews completed for compliance with NEPA and HUD regulations. Contact for more information.

Environmental Review Training – B Three G Consulting Group held two environmental review trainings in November in Columbus and Humboldt, Nebraska. The training provided a comprehensive overview for grant administrators completing CDBG and HOME tiered environmental reviews which showed practitioners a step by step process for conducting efficient and effective reviews in order to ensure compliance with CDBG or HOME regulations. The training also included the necessary materials for completing reviews for owner occupied rehabilitation, façade improvements, and other projects that require Tier II site specific reviews where not all sites have been identified for a project.

Other trainings will be offered throughout the coming year. As you have training needs, whether related to the environmental review, or other topics, please contact us at

Workforce Housing – To properly evaluate the workforce housing proposal developed by the Department of Economic Development it is important to read the actual 3 page Rural Workforce Housing Investment Act (see below) and compare its language to the Department’s proposal. This will help in an evaluation to determine if changes are needed in the Department’s proposed application guidelines. See also:


B Three G Consulting Group assists organizations in locating funding opportunities for their programs and projects. As there are funding opportunities made available, information will be added to this website section.

Additional information on affordable housing and community development opportunities can be found on the Nebraska Department of Economic Development website at:

Information on Nebraska’s Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program can be found on the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority website at: